SOLD OUT - Gift of Consulting

Know someone who really sucks (ha!) at social media marketing? Or they've been wanting to learn more but haven't had the time or the funds to do so?


I didn't think this would happen, but thank you so much to the people who purchased this! If you snoozed, sorry! 

Get them the Gift of Consulting this holiday season.

What is that?

I put together this package because some of my clients have mentioned to me that "so and so" should come see me. I get that we're all in different situations regarding our own budgets, time, etc. so I wanted to make it a no-brainer for you.

Purchase your co-worker, friend, family member, stranger at the coffee shop a Consulting Package. 

I'm offering FIVE consulting packages which include:

  • 1 hour one-on-one consulting and training fully customized to what they want to learn more about.
    • They'll get: Prioritized notes from our session, a recording of our session (will be done virtually via Zoom Meetings
  • A 15 minute website audit OR a 15 minute social media audit (this will be recorded and sent to them) 
  • Their choice of one workbook from my shop portal

What's the damage? Hold yer pants, it's ONLY and I say "ONLY" very seriously $255.

Want me to do that crazy "value" thing those sales people do? Okay, ready?

Just a reminder, there are only 5 packages, you'll get:

  • 1 hour one on one consulting! >A $245 VALUE!<
  • Your/their choice of a 15-minute website audit OR a 15-minute social media audit >A $85 VALUE<
  • One free workbook from the shop portal >A VALUE OF UP TO $67<

If you bought all of these separately you'd be paying a whopping $397! WOW. LOL.

Buy it now for only $255.


But wait! There's more... Just kidding, I'm done, sales hat off...

You'll get a printable gift certificate (or send it virtually) that you can wrap all nice in a box or in an envelope (or toss it at them and be like "Stop sucking at social now."). It will outline basically the steps to redeem your prezzie.



FINE PRINT: Offer is redeemable after January 1, 2019. Audit must be completed within 45 days of their consulting session. No refunds, sorry!




Beverley Theresa