Get Shit Done Planner

What's inside?

You can start this planner WHENEVER you want. The dates are not prefilled. You can print each page as many times as you want. 

Included you'll find:

- Blog post/content planning - Include spaces for your keyword research, who you're trying to target, etc.

- Track monthly performance - I left the headings empty so you can track whatever the eff you want!

- Revenue - Plug in your monthly $$ goals and track your actual $$! Did you meet your goal?

- Weekly and monthly calendar planning pages

- Task list - Doesn't it feel good to cross out your completed to-dos?

- Hashtag research - I explain the difference between targeted and general hashtags, how to find each and you have a big space to record your findings.



What makes this planner different?

I surveyed a number of my industry contacts to ensure it would be USEFUL and HELPFUL in getting your online marketing shit done.

Here are some of my findings:

Many people didn’t like solid lines because they felt like they were restrictive.

Solution: DOTS. Dotted lines. Write outside the lines, they’re just there as guides!

Too many planners with distracting, colorful designs. While they’re fun, they take away from what you’re doing. You want to pull out your planner and use it, not stare at flowers or neon colors.

Solution: This was easy because it matches my branding, black and white, no fluffy images or stereotypical motivational images of the ocean with words over them.

I also wanted it to be gender neutral because I know many of my clients don't need #GIRLBOSS, #BOSSBABE, #PLANNINGGODDESS plastered all over their stuff. I just puked a little.

Tracking tables were prefilled with what the creator says you "should be" tracking. 

Solution: Who the funk am I to tell you what to track? Homie, you do you. I left blank titles for each column, track whatever you want. Track how many.

Planning is better done offline, with printed paper.

Solution: I'm a HUGE fan of this. Nothing beats having your planner sitting next to you on a desk so you can easily flip through it to the page you need. No finding the file, opening the file, scrolling through to the page, etc. The PDF you'll receive IS NOT fillable, print it. On normal paper. Staple it, hole punch it, whatever you want. Write notes in the white space, don't stay in the lines! Just plan!

Starting later in the year makes half your planner useless.

Solution: First, the calendars, monthly and weekly pages aren't dated, there's space for you to add in your own dates. Want to start in March? That's cool. You can. You can print each page as many times as you want. There's ONE monthly calendar template that you can fill in with the dates, print it 12 times or 12,000. 

Just download it already!